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Which one is greater, patriotism or religion? Should patriotism stop when your team is beaten? A tweet by Mesut Ozil, former Germany national player might have gotten Germany concerned after bowing out of the world cup earlier than expected. It has also brought to forth religious concerns.
Proud, what a team! What an achievement for the African continent and the Muslim world. Great to see such a fairytale is still possible in modern football. This will give so many people so much power and hope. #Morocco #WorldCup #Qatar2022 Ozil.
Morocco is a Muslim country and Ozil as a Muslim has every religious right to express his joy. Moroccos win got Africa and Muslims fantasizing at a first world cup win in history having displayed world-class football. But should it look like all these years Christians have been winning and not the best team won? Many would argue that sports is about talent, skill and competition. Sportsmanship requires it is as such on and off the pitch. Do you think Ozil took religion beyond necessary?
He definitely has a right to feel German, Turkish and Muslim as pleases identically. It is important to note that Mesut Ozil might have parted ways with Germany in 2018. He took on social media and wrote, “I feel unwanted and think that what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 (for Germany) has been forgotten.
“Despite paying taxes in Germany, donating facilities to German schools and winning the World Cup with Germany in 2014, I am still not accepted into society. I am treated as being ‘different’.”
In my view as a writer, his tweet triggers my concern where his support would be if Germany was playing verses Morocco or any good Muslim team. On that he could have rushed to demonstrate his excitement. But again the tweet is still live which shows no regret.

Online Responses

Sir Richards from Eastleigh in Kenya questions, What has football got to do with religion?
In response, an Indian German sympathizer Curly Jeevi wrote, Religion card activated. Seriously you are shame as a sportsman. Turkish born plays for Germany. Shame you are
Thabo Mashego from Southern Africa corrects Ozil about Africa saying, In Africa we dont have any Christian or Muslim states, just African nations.
Contrary to Ozil, Chuka Odike on Tweeter puts it differently, Morocco’s win is for Africa and Africa alone. In the headlines and news, it’s written “First African Team” not Arab or Muslim team. It’s for Africa. It is sport not religion, how will you feel, if any Christian player should write congratulations to the Christian world?
In another tweet by kadoma reads, I think bringing in religion in a sport that embargoes all denominations is extreme from an icon like you. Do you mean to say other teams that qualified dont have Muslims in their teams? Football is not about religion and you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Morocco Vs France Insight

Achraf Hakimi and Kylian Mbappe at PSG Pic Courtesy

See you soon my friend. Hakimi to Mbappe after beating Portugal
The Atlas Lions face France at the Semi Finals with the wait of Africa, Arabs and Muslims on their shoulders. It will be played on the 14th at Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar. Both teams are expected to make use of every chance to score with analysts predicting Mbappe to be ruthless before goal. The intensity of the game is evident when Moroccan migrant celebrations seized the streets of Paris in France turning into riots.
France has never lost to Morocco in all the five times they have met as friendly matches, but have lost to Tunisia. This gives a possibility of African win; Morocco beats France. France have also won all their three matches at the Semis; 1998, 2006 and 2018.
Morocco have not conceded a goal so far from the opposition in the 2022 world cup save for an own goal against Canada. Majority believe with the quality, team work and determination Morocco have demonstrated, they might as well go ahead and win the world Cup 2022.
Who will win and do you predict Morocco to win the World Cup 2022?
By Julius O. Owino Majimaji


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