• Polycarp Igathe was the Azimio La umoja candidate
  • He also held the position of Nairobi deputy governor.

Former Nairobi Gubernatorial Candidate Polycarp Igathe is trending,

This is as a result of the recent heated online political banter between Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino and Nairobi Governor Sakaja.

Netizens have flooded the X space revisiting the promises made by the gubernatorial hopeful ,

Some online users openly saying that with the recent happenings , Polycarp Igathe might have been the better option to run the City

Some sentiments are captured below.

‘’Mahn! Polycarp Igathe was very competent and had ideas and plans. But Nairobians decided to go with a man who is running Nairobi County on propaganda. Sakaja is just a disgrace. Babu Owino and Tim Wanyonyi are there lazima aende nyumbani’’

‘’Polycarp Igathe alikuja mpaka kuwapikia chapati kwa nyumba zenu but y’all had worn rose tinted glasses ‘’

‘’Polycarp igathe was competent & had plans but Nairobians decided to to vote for Jackson Sakaja. Tim Wanyonyi & Babu Owino are ready to follow igathe’s footsteps.’’

‘’Igathe was the best choice but Nairobians chose Dimples over Development’’

‘’Polycarp Igathe would have made sure those kids were fed coz dude would have been there serving those kids for a serious photo ‘’

”I think a man like Igathe would have made significant strides were he the Minister of Trade. Unlike this Moses Kuria guy.”

Polycarp Igathe who was the Azimio La Umoja candidate conceded after losing.

Polycarp under Sonko

Igathe resigned, barely six months after assuming office citing failure to earn the trust of his boss ,

Opening up on his resignation, Igathe said during his tenure at City hall as Sonko’s deputy, he was not at any point assigned any duty as the Deputy Governor.

He explained that he was left in the dark as the county was being run as a one man show.

The former Nairobi governor hopeful went back to the corporate  world.


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