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Was Singer Avril Admitted in I.C.U after Kenyans Did This To Her On Twitter??(Pics)


avril boyKenyans on Twitter are so professional and good with cyber bullying that one can contemplate committing  suicide due to the abuse of one’s self esteem.

So one person who is experiencing the wrath of this Twitter bullies is sassy singer Avril after rumor spread that she had been dumped by her South African boyfriend for Namibian 2013 winner Dillish Matthews.

Rolling with the hashtag #PoleAvril KOT members have turned Avril into a laughing stock reminding her of her past comment on Kenyan men. Unromantic. Some of the tweets;

“ Avril getting out of the Relationship
#PoleAvril — GILBERT TICH (@Gilbertich) February 19, 2016 ”

“ #TeamMafisi straight outta the closet, ready to give Avril the solace she seeks #PoleAvril — matt kowech (@MattKowech) February 19, 2016 ”

“ Just saw my Ex in town today and I felt so cheated. she’s still alive and yet she used to tell me that she’ll be dead without me. #PoleAvril — Frank Ganda (@FrankGanda) February 19, 2016 ”

“ The only song that can make sense to Avril at the moment is “Ma feelings” by
@delamuziki #PoleAvril — ChairmanCorruptionKE (@nangutikevin) February 19, 2016 ”

“ #PoleAvril After she said Kenyan men ain’t romantic #TeamMafisi be like — matt kowech (@MattKowech) February 19, 2016 ”

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“ Team mafisi after realizing Avril is back in the shelves #PoleAvril — Mswati (@alexcellency) February 19, 2016 ”

“ #PoleAvril if avril can get dumped with all her beauty.. na sisi wengine ? — Arsenalik (@nganga_miriam) February 19, 2016 ”

This whole drama looks so funny at first sight but might not necessarily be as it seems the sassy singer might be admitted in a hospital on Intensive Care Unit.

Whether it is Avril or someone close to her that has been admitted in ICU, the “No Stress” songstress admits of going through a hard time as she captions in a recent Instagram post bearing an entrance door reading “ICU”.

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