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Watchman gets in trouble for watching as women and kids chase thief


A security guard at an estate in Nairobi got in trouble with residents after he stood by and watched as elderly women and children chased a thief.

The incident which took place on Monday morning at around 6:30 am saw two elderly women and their teenage children chase after a thief who broke into their house, as the watchman just stood by and watched the whole commotion.

“He jumped over the wall, entered the house and stole a bag before escaping the same way he came in,” said one of the family members.

Wails and chants of ‘mwizi mwizi!!’ got the attention of neighbors who ran to the scene to try and catch the thief.

The watchman, who was standing on guard less than ten metres near the scene, just looked at the women as they came out of the house pointing towards the direction where the thief had escaped to.

Other watchmen came to the scene ten minutes later only to come face to face with angry residents who blamed them of neglecting their jobs.

“We contribute Ksh.1000 monthly for security purposes and this man just stood there and watched us while we were telling him where the thief ran to. We do not feel safe with such kind of security,” said one of the residents.

When asked why he did not do anything to catch the thief, the watchman said “I did not see anyone, so where was I supposed to run to?”

The family said the bag contained money and important documents.