Water Cartels still a huge problem to Nairobi Residents

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The government  has been urged to put in place strong  measures to combat the issues of illegal water connection and cartels as the world marks World Water Day.

According to Sarine Malik of Africa CSO Network department of water and sanitation, the issue of water cartels will not be eliminated if the government does not implement the water Act 2016.

The Act requires  water vendors selling water in the streets to be licensed thus requiring a collective approach in corporation with the community.

She  further says utilities have the power to ensure water connections in the informal settlements but cartels are a threat to them.

Nairobi county is among the counties that have been affected by the issues of illegal water connections and cartels that control the distribution of water in informal settlements which the county had promised to eradicate

” Efforts have been made within the Water Act 2016 to ensure that nobody is to supply water without any form of license or permit but implementing that requires collective action. It cannot be done alone by the government or utilities, civil society organization or the communities. It really needs a joint operation.” she said

She also added that the drought in the country can be addressed if both the national and county governments work together to ensure that water resources allocated to counties like Turkana are properly managed and the government  prioritizes water and sanitation projects by coming up with long lasting solutions.

“The issue of counties like Turkana have received quite a bit in terms of funding even at the county level,but how are the funds being utilized? Does it prioritize water and sanitation? If not what can be done to ensure that it becomes a priority?” she added

Nairobi county has made an effort to eradicate water cartels who have been selling water illegally to Nairobi residents.

Early this month, over 100 people were arrested in a crackdown on illegal water connections in different parts of Nairobi.