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  • Iraqi couple speeaks following tragedy that claimed hundreds of lives at their wedding.
  • Fire broke out at the wedding hall on the night of 26th September, killing over 100 and injuring 150 people.
  • Phone footage shows guests at dinner tables listening to music as flames billow from a large chandelier above them.

The Iraqi couple whose big day turned to a tragedy after their wedding venue was struck by a blaze has spoken for the first time since the tragic turn of events expressing that they feel dead inside.

Haneen and Revan were enjoying a slow dance during their wedding in Qaraqosh when tragedy struck on Tuesday night, 26th September.

The panick-stricken guests rushed to escape, shouting for the safety of their loved ones, as the room glowed red with flames spreading and decoration on the ceiling crumbling down.

As the fire spread and construction debris continued to fall from the ceiling, terrified guests scrambled towards the exit.

In an interview with a British media outlet, Revan revealed that his bride is still shaken from the incident after the loss of 10 of her own family members, including her mother and brother.

The groom on the other hand lost 15 family members in the tragic event, “It’s true we are sitting here in front of you alive but inside we are dead, we are numb, we are dead inside

Revan managed to save his injured wife who struggled to walk due to her wedding gown, dragging her to safety amidst chaos and people inadvertently trampled on her.

The extent of their grief led them to the painful decision that they can no longer live in their hometown.

Some people in the town are blaming them for what happened and saying they are responsible for the people who died.

Revan explained, “That’s it, we can’t live here anymore. I mean, every time we try to have some happiness, something tragic happens to us and destroys the happiness. So it’s best for us to leave.”



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