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  • Religious leaders distant themselves from Pastor Mackenzie evil deeds
  • Government to take stern measures and control in places of worship to protect innocent soul.
  • Shakahola death toll rises to 39.

Religious leaders are now on spot after shocking Massacre surrounding controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie of the Good News International Church  that has so far  seen at least 39 of his followers  dead.

Men of the  cloths have distant themselves with Mackenzies’ activities asking government to treat it as an isolated case and venture.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News Job Shem of Jesus News Gospel Church says acts by Mackenzie is criminal in nature and that should be treated as such.

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He warned the government against victimizing the whole fraternity urging it  to trail with caution on spiritual matters.

We are equally perturbed by the kind of Massacre at Shakahola in Gods’ name …I want to condemn  same with strongest terms  possible our ministry is ailing and a lot of precaution needs to be done…God do not kill but gives life …the doctrine by pastor Mackenzie is shocking and choking that not withstanding I want to  ask our government to proceed with caution with this  matter we are not ready to be punished or be victims of circumstance.  

Pastor  Shem 23rd April, 2023.

Government Response

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki  has stated that the government is considering tightening relegations including self-regulations in places of worship.

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While state remains respectful of religious freedom this horrendous blight on our conscience must lead not only to the most severe punishment of the perpetrators of the atrocity on so many innocent  souls but tighter regulations including self regulation of every church ,mosque, temple or synagogue going forward. While the multi-agency security team on site is doing  their best to unearth the truth and further lose of lives I have directed Regional Commissioner for Coast Region together with regional security team to reinforce the team in Malindi ahead of my visit in Tuesday.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki 23rd April,2023.

Shakohola Death Toll

Meanwhile the death toll at Shalakola forest has risen to 39 with five bodies exhumed yesterday at a grave. Five more people were rescued  as rescue operations enters forth day. Residents  says Mackenzie owns the 800 acre Shakahola land  where he operates.

Alikuja kama investor akakutana na wazee wa Shakahola na akubaliwa kununua shamba hilo..hakusema lolote kuhusu kanisa.imekua shida kufika kule msituni Kwa sababu ameziba njia zote mpaka pale juzi tulipoamua kufika kule na timu kubwa kukabiliana na vijana wa Mackenzie ndipo tulipopata majabu kule.

Shakahola resident.

By Allan Otieno

April 24, 2023

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