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We are prepared to pay the ultimate price

We are prepared to pay the ultimate price

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Chief Justice David Maraga has condemned the continued attacks on the Judiciary saying that they are ready to pay the ultimate price to protect the constitution and the rule of law.

Speaking at a press briefing, Maraga has said the attacks are meant to intimidate and cow the judiciary.

The Chief Justice has advised their attackers to go for a referendum to abolish the whole judiciary if the judiciary seems too strong for them to handle.

“Individual judges, particularly of the Supreme Court, as well as other judicial officers and staff, have been attacked, threatened and negatively profiled on social media. Senior political leaders have also threatened the Judiciary promising ‘to cut it down to size’ and ‘teach us a lesson’.”

He also warned that the people attacking the judiciary will be held responsible should anything happen to any judiciary staff.

“If anything happens to individual judges, staff and their families, those making inciting statements will be held responsible,” he said.


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