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We Don’t Need a Lockdown, Kibra Residents Tell The Government


Kibra residents  now want the government not to impose a lockdwon in the area saying a high percentage of Kibra residents are poor and will not afford food  should they be contained.

The government is under pressure to impose a lockdown in the area following high numbers of Covid 19 cases with 13 new cases recorded in the area on Thursday.

According  to Kennedy Otieno alias Kentrak  it will be difficult  to contain the residents without food and  the government should continue with sensitization more than containment .

‘‘You can not impose a lockdown here, there are numerous panyaroots so it will be a waste of time and then most of the people here can not afford a meal a day will be a total mess.’’ He said.

‘‘Let us focus more in educating residents about this deadly disease but not to punish  them with a will be very difficult to do that here we can not afford it,’’ they added.

On Friday the area recorded another 8 COVID-19  cases as pressure mounts for containment measures.