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‘We Fanya Bidii Upewe Award’ Khaligraph Blasts Artists Blasting Awards

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has told off artists who claim that they don’t gauge the success of their careers by the number of awards they win.

Khaligraph says that those are lines used by artists to console themselves for not winning awards or not getting nominations.

“We fanya bidii upewe award. Hata mimi nilikuwa nasema hivo siku zenye sikuwa nashinda lakini ndani ndani najiuliza mbona mimi sishindi,” he says.

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The rapper has further asked artists to work hard in order to get recognized for their work.

 He says that everyone would like to be recognized and appreciated for their various pieces of work which will be remembered by the future generations.

“Wacha kujifanya roho ngumu. Ukipata nomination ya award utafurahi so usiseme ati haugauge career yako na awards. Kila mtu anataka hizo accolades ju hio ndio watu watakukumbuka nayo,” he said.

The rapper known for his deadly punch lines recently won the 2022 East Africa Arts Entertainment Awards (EAEA) as the Best Male Hip Hop Act.

By Stella Anyango