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We Have Offered Doctors More Than What Private Hospital Doctors Are Earning – Uhuru


President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed anger over doctor’s hard line stand in negotiating their salaries.

Uhuru who was speaking at the Devolution Conference says the government has offered doctors more money that waht they counterparts in the private sector are earning.

Uhuru says the government will not entertain blackmail by doctors who work only two hours in the private sector then rush to their private clinics.

“We are paying these people and we have offered these people more money than even doctors in the private sector. An intern today is being offered more money than a medical practitioner in Nairobi Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, Mater Hospital…. aaah kwani hii watu wanaona sisi ni wajinga namna gani? It cannot be, and only for working two hours a day in a government hospitaland then they run to do private practice in their clinics. This is black mail and we are not going to entertain it,” said Uhuru.

Earlier on today, the court had given the Court of Appeal had allowed parties in the doctor’s mediation talks until Monday to iron out remaining issues to end the doctor’s strike.

A three-judge bench led by Lady Justice Martha Koome directed that recognition agreements should be signed with all 47 Governors within five days while the Collective Bargaining Agreement needs to be finalized in the next 10 days.