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We Inherited These Houses From Our Forefathers, Please Do Not Evict Us – Ziwani Residents

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Residents of Ziwani are now hoping that the takeover of the Nairobi county by the national government will give theme a favourable deal for urban renewal program.

The residents say that they inherited those houses from their forefathers and that they should not be evicted without being given an alternative settlement.

“I was born here, i was brought up in Ziwani, mimi sijui mambo ya ushago . Ziwani is my home, if they bring down this estate, most of us will have nowhere to,” cried a resident.

“The money the county government is giving out might actually divide families since there are many members who are all grown up who live in these houses,” stated another resident.

The program which seeks to kick them out of government land with a certain amount of compensation,  has been declined by many.

Faraji Mzito a resident who talked to Ghetto Radio News, expressed his mistrust with the county government following Jevanjee, Pangani manipulative deals.

“Jevanjee residents signed suspicious contracts with the county government, right now they are crying foul. We want a just process, they should give us a better deal since there are many families living in Ziwani,” said Faraji.

However they have dismissed the compensation and cried that money will bring wrangles in their families.



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