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  • Residents claims the evictions notice have triggered health heath complication.
  • They say the are ready to negotiated with genuine land owner upon court determination
  • Italian national Benardo De Masi claims possession of the disputed land succession grant

The contested Njiru land fiasco continues to escalate as the foreigner who claims to be the genuine owner of the land has unleashed a succession grant dated January 31 2011 issued to him by the high court.

The confirmation of grant was issued by Italian national Benardo De Masi after filing for succession following his father’s death.

“I hereby certify that the above written grant of representation to the estate of the late Domenico De Masi issued to Benardo Vincezo De Masi therein named has this January 31 2011 ben confirmed by the court pursuant to the provisions of section 71 of the Laws of succession Act,” the grant reads.

According to the grant, there are 9 beneficiaries of the said Njiru land who have shares in the said land that has now been given to the Kirima family by the Kisumu court.

In the Schedule, Bernado has 21.6 acres from the said land and Moses Maina Ngugi has 136 acres.

The De Masi’s beneficiaries who include Antonio, Jospena, Elizabeta, Eliana, Nicholas and Bernardo have an equal share to the other 369-acre land.

The matter by Bernado who has claimed ownership will now be mentioned before Justice Hillary Chemitei on November 14.

This even as the Kirima family is divided over negotiation between estate administrators, leaders and residents.

One section of the family has distanced itself from the alleged negotiations saying the talks have not been ratified by all the 15 beneficiaries of the said land.

Last week, thousands of residents through their association moved to court through Lawyer Danstan Omari claiming that if their properties are demolished, they will suffer irreparable harm.

On behalf of other land owners being affected by the land in order for us to know the truth the first time we were issued with allotment letters and paying rates only to be told that those who sold us land are not the rightful owners.We accepted the judgement and tried to resolve the matter with the Kirima family only Dominic to show up and seems to be having documents as results who invested we were left confused on who is the rightful owners we miay the claimant only to be told that he is not the owner some of our members are admitted in hospitals in critical condition but because of stress.Said George Olola,Park View residents association chairperson.

Olola added since the issued eviction, a section of the residents’ health have deteriorated,claiming that majority have since been hospitalized

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