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•Most of her collaborative pieces were executed in privacy from working with Khaligraph Jones,Otille Brown,Nadia Mukami and Kidum among others.
•She took a break from acting due to exhaustion.

Did you know that when recording the chart-busting song,Kwaheri between Sanaipei Tande and pioneer genge star Juacali, the pair never met in studio.Sanapei Tande revealed that when working on the chart busting song ‘Kwaheri’ with Juacali they never met.

Well,in her recent online engagement former actress and singer,Sanaipei Tande disclosed that during the recording process, at no given time did she meet the bidii yangu rapper.

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“So they gave me a beat,i went i wrote,i recorded my part and then Juacali did his part later,we were never in the studio together when we were doing kwaheri, not at all,hamna, separately we never recorded together “She stated

According to the Jali singer, working with Juacali on the song Kwaheri came easily as they had forged a good rapport with the stable.

Her then group,Sema(coca-cola popstars) comprising herself,Pam and Kev had had two of their song’s recorded at the California based record label.

During that time, bongo music had also penetrated the Kenyan market and Calif’s producer,Clemmo felt that a Sanaipei,Juacali combo would calm the bongo flava heat.

She further maintained that during the song’s video shoot, she requested Juacali for privacy and he obliged.

“When we were shooting the video when it was time to do my part i tell him ‘nenda huko kwa corner, I don’t like to be watched when am doing those things.. so Juacali nilikuwa nikimwambia utaenda by the way na anaenda” she continued

Private Recordings

Describing herself as a perfectionist,Sanaipei further explained that she delivers best with limited pressure therefore she prefers privacy during her recordings and video shoots.

In fact,most of her collaborative pieces were done in privacy from working with Khaligraph Jones,Otille Brown,Nadia Mukami and Kidum among others.

“I’ve done to almost all the artists that I’ve recorded with,i did that to kidum,I did that to Otille,I said ‘mutatembea nje even Nadia yeah! I told her ‘nenda balcony kidogo’ she Explained partly

Celebrating her nineteenth year in the music industry,Sanaipei has packaged herself as a brand that is curated for the family.

She’s soulful and sweet to listen to,her lyrics pierces differently and embodies her personality.

Acting Life

Her acting has also been termed as extraordinary with her appearances in Aziza and Kina remaining etched in people’s minds.

Despite bowing out owing to exhaustion,Sanaipei opined that she’s had some good rest and ready to conquer the film industry once again.

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