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“We stole neighbors chicken to survive” Gospel star Size 8


If you are an avid follower of gospel star Size 8, ten you probably know that she stems from a very humble beginning.

The singer has always shared the struggle she and her siblings went through growing up which actually instilled in her a sense of giving back.

In a past interview, the singer opened up on how food and water was a struggle for them.

“I was born and raised in Nairobi’s Eastlands estate of Maringo. As a family, we were so poor that we lacked enough food. We used to steal neighbor’s chicken because we couldn’t afford to buy any. We stole water and electricity too. My parents couldn’t even afford to buy me sanitary pads. And i had to find alternatives.”  Size 8 said

At one point she also revealed that she stalked presenters everywhere after they failed to play her songs.

“I became so heartbroken after many radio presenters failed to play my cd. I used to stalk them and they hated me for it. People criticized my videos but i never gave up. Everybody who i told about my ideas just laughed at me.” she added