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We Want To Go Back To Nairobi County Government, Nurses Tell Badi


Pressure to have health workers taken back to County government of Nairobi from Nairobi Metropolitan Services continues to mount with unions now accusing NMS of failing to address pertinent issues affecting health workers.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News, Kenya National Union of Nurses Secretary General Seth Panyako accused NMS top bosses of refusing to convene a meeting with the unions to have their issues addressed.

“These people are so slippery and from where I sit they have performed dismally in matters human resource. I can tell you for free that I have never met Badi or those officers in charge of health despite requesting for a meeting,’’ Panyako said.

He has however defended Nairobi Metropolitan Services health director Dr. Ouma Oluga over allegations that he has failed health workers despite being a unionist saying he cannot force things to happen when Badi is not willing to co-operate.

‘‘Oluga has not betrayed anybody. Labour movement is very difficult and especially when you start on a wrong footing. Doctors union started on a wrong footing from the word go because trade union is a career and If you don’t make it a career then you  can be easily muscled by your employers…and that is what happened to Oluga,’’ Panyako says.

When Oluga joined NMS from doctors union he was viewed as a patriot who would champion and agitate workers’ rights from within, a cause he passionately pursued when leading KMPDU.

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Oluga’s passion however seemingly faded away as he continues to be at the helm of NMS.

Meanwhile the Nurses’ Union Secretary Nairobi branch Boaz Onchari on the other hand has accused NMS bosses of frustrating the health sector by not reviewing their service terms including employing more nurses.

“We have  written letters  not once to Major General Badi but these officers make sure that no such letter lands on Badi’s table….we have seen good  hospitals being launched in Nairobi but the question you should ask yourself is whether those facilities work 24 hours as it was stated ..They can’t because we are understaffed,” he added.