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  • Lawyers responded to the executive charge on them with a countrywide protest.
  • Ndegwa Njiru vows not to give in to executive charges no matter what.
  • DP Gachagua to file petition seeking to remove justice Esther Maina. 

“There are three things Mr. Ruto, respect the law, courts or go home. We are not going to die on our knees, we shall die standing!” Ndegwa Njiru captured in a vehicle defiantly said.

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He further added that they will not beg the executive to respect the constitution.

“It is not a favor we are asking from him. It is his duty to respect the constitution. If he cannot respect the constitution, let him shape out. We will not allow you William Ruto to mutilate the gains we have made in this country.” Ndegwa added.

About Ndegwa Njiru
Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga (centre) with his lawyer Ndegwa Njiru (left) leave Makadara Law Courts. PHOTO Philip Kamakya

He is presently a legal/law reform specialist and has extensive experience in constitutional litigation, devolution and contracts negotiations with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the Kampala International University and a Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law.

You will see him alongside former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga whenever he has a case to answer. He is fast establishing himself as a fire brand rebel lawyer.

DP Gachagua to Petition removal of a Judge.

The executive, led by the president and his deputy sustained its attack on the judiciary by daring a sitting judge.

DP Rigathi Gachagua at a past function. Photo Rigathi X account

The deputy president vowed to this Thursday petition the removal of justice Esther Maina. He accused her of corruption and misconduct.

“On Thursday, this coming week, at 2:15 pm I will personally present a petition before Lady Chief Justice Martha Koome against Justice Esther Maina for her removal from the judiciary for misconduct and corruption.

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Against the rules of evidence where who he alleges must prove, we made an application to cross examine the investigator and she refused because she knew there was no case,” Gachagua said to a pleased crowd, in attendance was President Ruto and senior Kenya Kwanza leaders.

Former Cheif Justice Willy Mutunga cautions Ruto onslaught on the Judiciary.

However, former Chief Justice cautioned the executive, advising them that once out of power they will run to the same institution for protection. He cited Uhuru Kenyatta and former powerful CS Matiangi.

Former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga. PHOTO Courtesy

“I remember when former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s goats were stolen, and trees were cut. I tried to call him to remind him that we had had that discussion, that the Judiciary is a place where the bewildered will run to and that’s why we are called the temple of justice, because that’s where the Constitution protects anybody. Uhuru’s sons with their guns licenses where did they go?” Mutunga asked.

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“Remember CS Fred Matiang’i , when his rights to privacy were violated, I tried to call him. I wanted to tell him that we were protecting his rights because the politics of revenge is what the Constitution does not envisage. So, my message to the politicians is that we must guarantee the independence and integrity of the Judiciary.”


January 15, 2024

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