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  • We will undress in the fight for the rights and recognition of people living in the city’s slums.
  • Nyamu lamented that  Nairobi has been viewed as a rich county when millions of slum dwellers are suffering.
  • Nominated Senator was debating the Equalization Fund Appropriation Bill

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has threatened to lead Nairobi County women to undress in the fight for the rights and recognition of people living in the city’s slums.

She spoke on Wednesday in support of a Bill tabled at the Senate to advocate for an increase in funds for slums, saying they should be labelled as marginalized areas.

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We will Undress In This Town

File image of Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. PHOTO | COURTESY


She said slum dwellers have been ignored for a long time  and its time to come up with a different strategy,

“We have been crying as Nairobi for these slum dwellers and we have been ignored over the years and are going to result even to unorthodox means,” she stated.

“As Nairobi women in Laini Saba, Kiboro, Mji wa Huruma…we’re going to undress in this town if that is what it takes to be heard so that we get the attention of these policymakers and this House and the legislators. Nairobi is not a rich county; just because we are the seat of government and we have rich estates does not mean we are rich.”

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Machakos Have Their Way

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti (Photo Courtesy)


The Nominated Senator says,  Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti  said Kambas have their way saying it is time for Nairobi to employ any necessary tactics to drive the message home.

“Just like Governor Wavinya Ndeti said that Kambas have their own ways of solving things, Nairobi we are going to find a way of solving this thing and having the slum dwellers recognized by the highest office and this country,”

She said quite a  number of people residing in slum regions are in deplorable living conditions, therefore a larger allocation would channel development and alleviate the burden of the already strained county budget.

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