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Weezdom Offers To Broker Truce between Willy Paul and Diana Marua


Musician Weezdom has offered to broker a truce between the feuding Willy Paul and singer Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.

Weezdom spoke after Willy Paul claimed that he knew very well what transpired between Diana Marua and him.

Diana Marua had accused the musician of trying to assault her sexually a few years ago while they were still friends.

Weezdom said that friends and Family will come together to help Willy Paul and Bahati settle their indifference.

He also said that if they will not be able to settle the matter out of social media then he will give his side of the story.

“Hallo Fam I’m aware that nimetajwa Sana by Pozze about whatever that is going on ..Amidst all the allegations za hii story ya Diana…Bahati na Willy Paul are True Brothers and both are my friends we’ll try to see if we can settle this privately through Friends and Family. Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free🙏,” Weezdom wrote.


Willy Paul yesterday revealed that he had an affair with Diana Marua that did not last for more than 24 hours.

According to Willy Paul, Weezdom was aware of their sexual relationship.        

 “Hata Weezdom kuna time nilimuuliza, ama Weezdom kama nadanganya wacha aseme. Hiyo siku ata ulikuwa salon na ilikuwa nikuje nikuone but something came up na nilikuwa na weezdom na ulikuwa loudspeaker na weezdom alikuskia so why are you lying so tell people the truth including an hour,” Willy Paul said.

 “Kuna time niliopenia Weezdom nikimambia mimi na Diana tushaikuwa na a thing but ilikuwa ni kitu ya less than 24 hours na ata 2 months ago Weezdom alisema Diana alimuopenia up na akamuambia akukuwa anataka mtu ajue,” he added.

Willy Paul and Diana have been exchanging words online since the unveiling of the latter as a rapper.