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  • Weezdom is being ridiculed over his break-up with girlfriend.
  • Weezdom alleges that his partner, Mylee Staicey disrespected his mother.
  • Netizens have lost count on the number of times the two have separated and reunited.

Weezdom is currently facing backlash from a section of netizens for announcing his break-up with his girlfriend, Mylee Staicey.

According to the singer, his partner had disrespected his mother.

“Announcement!! Nimejaribu vile naweza imeshindikana nimeachana na @mylee_staicey No one disrespects  my mother!” read his break-up caption.

In most occasions, netizens would pity couples with encouraging words after going separate ways.

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However, this was not the case with Weezdom who has been hit with backlash after the other.

We sampled some of the reactions below.

” Imagine unaitwa Weezdom na huna akili… Bro tafuta kipindi ingine sasa”

“Hawa nao pia tumechoka nao hii ni break-up ya saba hii mwaka”

“Mmeachana haraka hata wenye wivu hatujanunua kamba”

“That one couple that extremely toxic. Y’all are bad for each other, wachaneni tu haki, si must”

“I think this boy is not okay mentally”

However, despite the backlash there were those that opined with Weezdom to walk away from Staicey.

“Even me no one disrespects my mother”

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Netizens Have Lost Count On Weezdom’s Breakups

If there’s a celebrity couple in Kenya that has had countless break-ups and make-ups then Weezdom holds the record.

Not long ago, the Faham singer was on one knee begging his girlfriend to have him back.

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He even shed tears while urging the girlfriend not to give up on him.

“Aki usiniache apa kwa magoti, aki I promise, nimekupromise kila kitu niambie kama utakuwa na mimi for the rest of your life” cried Weezdom then.

The couple would proceed to announce being officially engaged with netizens finally reading an end to their constant tug of wars.

All in all, it seems that that is not all for the couple judging with the current development.



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