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Weezdom’s Ex Manzi Wa TRM Says She Does Not Regret Trash Talking Staicey Mylee


Carol Leehavi alias Manzi wa TRM has said that she does not regret trash talking musician Weezdom’s baby mama Staicey Mylee.

The two who had recently broken up and have been exchanging words on social media further exposing each other.

Manzi wa TRM says that she does not feel guilty of trash talking Mylee because all that she said were not lies.

The mother of one says that women need to respect themselves as well as their relationships.

The only thing I regret is speaking out…kuongea na kutype, kuingililia dhambi za watu hawajielewi…that’s all but since najua huwa sidanganyi on anything I say coz receipts huwa before niongee…musiniulize tena am too grown for such..both parties involved kuna shida hakuna mwenye akona akili…unapologetic huwa sitetei vikojozi I felt and still feel women need to respect themselves…and their relationships,” Leehavi said.


She also denied Weezdom’s claims that she paid him to help her chase clout.

The day some people will realize clout si chakula ama pesa it will be too late. If kuongelelewa daily was paying then some people would not be homeless. Tuendelee kuomba sana Mungu mind where you invest your energy kwani hamjipendi,” she said.

After their breakup, Weezdom exposed Manzi wa TRM for paying him to chase clout asking her to stop calling his friends.

Hey mama nani, ulinilipa tufanye kiki ikupee jina, so stop calling my friends ranting and asking them to talk to me juu hio jina nimeshakupea. Ukitaka kiki ingine, talk to me tupange ile siko sure kama dem wangu atakubali,” Weezdom said.