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  • The UFC champion was living with his family in the gym even after winning $7000.
  • His was ‘tricked’ by the rock to his new house in Miami.
  • The Rock’s help comes after public confession of his struggle and success.

Actor and former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gifted Themba Gorimbo an apartment after sharing his struggles and successes.

Gorimbo had announced earlier this year that he was living in a gym with only $7 left in his back account after UFC fight.

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The Rock revealed the gift in a video posted to YouTube.

He tricked Gorimbo to a meeting at a friend’s apartment only to bring him to his new fully furnished house. Once the UFC star realized what was happening, he became emotional.

The Rock’s hit on the soft spot

“I was so moved by your story,” The Rock told Gorimbo.

“When I found out you were sleeping on the couch in the gym … now there’s no more couch sleeping. This is your house. Welcome home! Now you can bring your kids here, man, your family. This place is yours. You don’t have to think about anything. The only thing you think about is your family, getting them over here, getting them with you, training, and becoming a champion.” The Rock says in the viral video.

“Thank you so much, man,” Gorimbo said.

“I will become a champion, trust me. Trust me, you can shake my hand, I will become your champion. Thank you. Thank you so much.” Emotional Gorimbo tells the Rock.

Gorimbo’s troubled life

Gorimbo has endured numerous tragedies. His mother died when he was 9, and his father died when he was 13.

According to, he was caught illegally digging for diamonds in Zimbabwe and attacked by dogs.

“They had German shepherds biting me,” Gorimbo said. “If you see my body, I’ve got dog marks all over my body where I was bitten by the dogs. That night probably changed me mentally as a person, changed everything because I got bitten by the dogs and I lost a lot of blood and I almost died. Luckily, I survived and I’m here to tell a story about it.” Gorimbo reveals.

Gorimbo breaks down in tears to The Rocks surprise gesture. PHOTO Courtesy

After winning a fight in Las Vegas this year, he revealed his bank account was nearly empty. The proceeds of the victory helped him survive. That triumph and his viral story have propelled him to stardom as he tries to climb the Welterweight rankings.

“It was not do or die for me,” he said.

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“I’ve been in worse situations in my life. I fight to change my life. So, there was no do or die even based on the poverty situation that I was in.

Thanks to The Rock, Gorimbo has a new home and celebrity supporter. He commits the money from the fights to build a borehole in his Africa village when he jets back.

“The money I was to use for the house, I will use to build another borehole in my village now when I land in Africa.”

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