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Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan go neck to neck over Tiffah’s birthday party

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By Annette Amondi

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has responded to Zari Hassan after she reacted to her being among the 30 people who will be attending her daughter’s birthday party.

The two exes to Tanzanian multi singer Diamond Platinumz booth took to social media to share their thoughts regarding the matter.

Diamond through through his manager Babu Tale revealed during the 40 days celebration of Actress Zamaradi Mketema’s son King Salah that Wema and her organizing team will all receive a fully funded trip to South Africa for the party.

While responding to a fan who informed her of the guest list Zari said she did not want them at her house.

“haha.. staki mnichafulie nyumba..mkae huko uko.” She said

Wema soon responded with a cheeky clap back saying she had not asked to attend the party.

“Sema naskia safari ya SA kama imeleta mtafaruku mitaa flani… Jamani hatukuomba… Afu kiroho Safi tu….” wrote Wema

Tiffah’s birthday party which is set to be held on 17 August will see the lucky guests enjoy a fully paid flight to South Africa to celebrate with her as well as a live coverage on Diamond’s Wasafi TV.

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