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Wema Sepetu denies seeking witch doctor’s services


By Annette Amondi

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has refuted claims that she visited a witch doctor to help her get pregnant.

The 30 year old lass who has been having issues sustaining a pregnancy opened up about her condition sometime back.

Sepetu however denied ever seeking a witch doctor’s help to get a baby.

“That’s not true. For a long time I have been seeing the gynecos (gynecologist) in Kenya, who are the best by the way compared to our own here (Tanzania), until one day he noticed my situation was getting worse and referred me to India, So much has been said about my condition but I have never been to a witch doctor to fix my problem. However, I have taken so much of miti shamba, hizi dawa za kimasai and this is out of desperateness, something which also worsened my situation,” she said

After visiting India in August this year the actress revealed that doctors discovered that  she was suffering from a polycystic ovarian disease which raptures her ovaries.