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  • Weezdom has revealed sinking into debt because of Wema Sepetu’s drinking leading to cancellation of events.
  • Weezdom had paid for her flight tickets and accommodation fees on different occasions.
  • He sank into depression and is yet to forgive the former beauty queen and socialite.

Weezdom has called out former Tanzanian beauty queen, actress and socialite, Wema Sepetu for leaving him broke thanks to her  heavy binging.

According to Weezdom, he sank into depression after incurring losses amounting to hundreds of shillings after Wema Sepetu failed to turn up for the scheduled events.

Weezdom noted that he was in charge of Wema’s Kenyan tour and had planned it with the latter’s management.

He set the dates, paid for her business class air tickets, accommodation in high end hotel’s  as well as other expenses.

However, on the D-Day Wema blacked out due to her love for the bottle and she missed her flight.

“Wema Sepetu is one of the people who made me sink into depression back then but nashukuru Mungu nilirudi poa, Nilipanga her Kenyan tour with her na  management yake, tukaset dates with different high end clubs in Nairobi and Mombasa, nikalipa air tickets business class and accommodations na kila kitu about her arrival hadi nikaita media na bloggers tumsubiri airport tumkaribishe…Akalewa aka miss flight na kila kitu” stated Weezdom.

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Second Time Beaten

Weezdom further added that he sought to host the socialite for the second time and he ended up regretting his decision.

After going out of his way and laying the groundwork for Wema’s appearance, she failed to show up.

Weezdom who had secured down payments for the gigs had to reimburse the cash.

The Faham singer disclosed that the debts were huge and he still pays them to date.

He used Wema as an example of a big brand without ethics.

For what Wema took him through, he is yet to forgive her.

Should Weezdom forgive and forget?

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