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Wendy Waeni’s Manager Releases Screenshots Of Her Alleged Immorality


Gymnast Wendy Waeni’s former manager Joe Mwangi has responded to allegations that she has been extorting people online using the young girl’s social media accounts and phone.

Mwangi in his defense says that he took Waeni’s phone claiming that the youngster was visiting sites that she was not supposed to access.

Mwangi at the same time released screenshots alleging that Wendy was using her phone to access pornographic material and also engage into immoral stuff.

Some of the screenshots Mwangi released showed a conversation between Wendy and her alleged lover. In the conversation Wendy is allegedly asking the man to come over so that she can give him something small.

The other screenshot consists has pornographic sites allegedly being accessed by Wendy.

The allegations come just a day after Wendy’s mother admitted that Mwangi was giving them something small from the proceeds of their visits.

Kenyans online have however expressed outrage over Mwangi’s act saying that he is damaging the reputation of the little girl.

They have even called for the arrest of Mwangi.

“As it seems #joemwangi enjoys Immunity from arrest by DCI & has been allowed to destroy the personal reputation of Wendy Waeni, a Form One girl, I agree with suggestions of others that we let her Kamba Nation do the needful & enforce Kamba Justice that belongs to the gods!” tweeted Lawyer Donald Kipkorir.


@BenjiNdolo said, “Is he talking about a KID. Or are you effing kidding me??????
@DCI_Kenya  Twende kazi bila kusita ata kidogo.
#joemwangi is no Saint he’s also a thug who has been exposed may not like his way of defending himself..but to be honest Wendy missed a step..which her Mother was to control her not to get to this point of being immoral”
Wendy’s feud with Mwangi started when the young gymnast accused him of exploiting her talent to benefit himself.

“I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager #JoeMwangi. I live n a single room in Huruma with my mother” Wendy Waeni said on JKL