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Wenger rubbishes quiting claims


Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has made it clear he is not quitting after insisting his motivation is even bigger now than when he first arrived 20 years ago.

Wenger rubbishes Arsenal quit talk and insists he’s as hungry as ever for success at the Emirates

Wenger is under mounting pressure at the Emirates with Arsenal’s season on the brink of collapse as their chances of winning silverware appear to be over.

But he gave a passionate defense of his position and his legacy amid mounting criticism from fed-up Arsenal fans who are calling for him to go this summer.

The Gunners boss, who has one year left on his contract, said: “I have no doubt about my huge motivation. I built the club, and the way I did it was with hard work. I had no external resources.

“If you compare the club when I arrived and how it is today it is moved forward, and without any help from anybody.

“I am more motivated than the day I arrived, and I feel even more the pressure and the responsibility to keep this club moving forward.

“When you’re a long time somewhere you always question your motivation, but I don’t question mine. I don’t question my dedication. It is 100 per cent and I give more time to my club than when I arrived.”

Wenger was asked whether he was worried about the fans’ reaction and if staying would tarnish his legacy and ruin the glorious memories of his early days at Arsenal.

But Wenger added “I don’t want to go into that discussion (about the fans) because it can be interpreted both ways. I’m honest enough to know one day I will say I did my best and the people around me will witness that.

“I believe that I am honest enough to make sure I give my best. I’m not too much of an image person. I just want to give my best for this club. I am determined to do that.

“What people think is different, and I’ve never been a fan of that. Honest dedication and total commitment is the most important thing.”

Even Wenger at his rabble-rousing best would struggle to convince many that Arsenal can overcome a two-deficit goal against arguably the best club side in the world, who are unbeaten in 37 games.

But it is not just about delivering a miraculous result, more about producing a response to convince the fans and to avoid humiliation against Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Neymar.

A devastating defeat could see the North Londoners’ season spiral out of control and heap even more pressure on Wenger.

A gritty performance – even if they bow to what feels like the inevitable and go out – may just lift the morale and win back fans also hurting after the Gunners’ near-two-year hold on the FA Cup was ended at home by Watford on Sunday.

Wenger added “We fight, of course, to win trophies and at the moment we are not favorites to deliver that but no matter the Premier League is more open than people think it is and in the Champions League we have a very small chance.

“Let’s give our best tomorrow. Who knows?

“We have gone through recently a disappointing spell without doubt and it is important to stay calm and strong. I believe in 200 Champions League games that we have won everywhere in Europe – but not here… yet.

“We are in a position where we have to achieve that.

“I am convinced the players have decided to give a strong response. We have to deliver something special. I am convinced it would be a big boost for us to have a great game tomorrow.

“I represent Arsenal and we want to come here and give a positive performance. That’s what we owe to football and that means playing with passion and commitment.”