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‘Wewe endelea kuteseka kwa bedsitter yako’ Mungai Eve to hater

Youtuber Mungai Eve has clapped back at a fan who stated that she forces herself on both Kenyan and international celebrities.

Mungai says that she is well paid to cover the celebrities and also attends their events.

She went ahead and showed her disappointment to the fan who is a woman for hating other women instead of appreciating them.

“Women hating on other women it is so sad. Hey dear take your saltiness elsewhere we are paid well to cover events we are here to secure the bag! Wewe endelea kuona kijipendekeza ukiteseka kwa bedsitter yako. When people cannot control you, they try so much to control how people view you,” Eve said.

The fan however did not stop at that, she went to the Youtuber’s instagram page and continued with her rant.


“But it’s true unapenda kujipendekeza kwa macelebs it’s not all about being jealous,” the fan wrote.

However, some fans applauded her for the good work she does covering celebrities and their events.

“Keep winning My gal…I will keep on clapping for you until is my turn…uyo ako na wivu anatamani kukutana na Zari Boss lady na itabaki kuwa dream kwake wallai…..u inspire me gal,” wrote a fan.

“Mungai_eve keep up good job 🔥👏,” wrote another fan.

It is not the first time that the youtuber has been trolled by netizens but she has been keen not to allow negative comments pull her down.

By: Emmaline Owuor