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What Building Bridges  Report BBI Means To The  Young People


As debate on the Building Bridges Initiative continues, youths also have something to smile on as they will be given a seven year tax holiday for their new businesses should the report be adopted.

The report gives youths priority and  vibrant steps to mature in business before being taxed by Kenya Revenue Authority.

“Minimise taxation of new and small businesses by giving them a tax holiday of at least seven years as a support to youth entrepreneurship and job creation,” it says.

The report also gives the president mandate to  have a non  profitable organisation  that will support talent , enhance youth  empowerment as well as sports.

The BBI team further urged the government to reduce conflict over national resources distribution by treating all Kenyans as equal.

“This should take into account population, needed investment in health and agriculture, service provision and access to natural resources and livelihood opportunities.” The report reads.