In Summary

  • Tanasha Donna stops posting on her social media platforms for two months
  • The Kenyan model, singer, actress, entrepreneur and former radio presenter for NRG radio, dates famous handsome men and gets a son.
  • Tanasha Donna moves to Belgium at the age of 11 years to live with her stepdad.

Since her birthday, which was on July, Tanasha Donna has not posted any pictures neither has she added on her stories.

Tanasha Donna is well known for posting very cute and elegant pictures of herself on Instagram posts. She also shares her day-to-day activities on her stories.

Fans are worried and are asking for her whereabouts.

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Tanasha Donna has not given any feedback on what is really happening either.

Personal life and Career

Tanasha Donna and son. PHOTO Courtesy

To a Kenyan mother and Italian father, Tanasha Donna was born on 7 July 1995.

She lived in Kenya in her young years before moving to Belgium to live with her Belgian step-dad when she was 11 years.

Tanasha, being famous in the modelling industry, came back to Kenya to participate in the Miss World Kenya.

While in Kenya, Tanasha Donna joined the NRG radio and worked as a host but before long, she quit.

She had so much at hand since she was and still is a musician and had to focus on her motherhood.

Donna seems to be an all-round talented lady as she also made her debut in the movie “symphony”, in 2022.


Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna. PHOTO Courtesy

Donna’s past relationships had been private until she started dating Nick Mutuma .By then, she was still a commercial model. They broke up in August 2017, after dating for seven months.

In 2018, Tanasha Donna and the famous musician and entrepreneur Diamond Platnumz started a serious relationship.

In 2019, they had a son, Naseeb Junior.

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Tanasha Donna made a huge comeback in her music career after making a hit song with Diamond “GERE”.

In 2020, they broke up blaming each other for the break up but the main reason has never been made clear.

Since Tanasha broke up with Diamond, she has never revealed status about her relationship.

By Harriet Wambui

August 29, 2023

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