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What Kenyans wanted to know ahead of Valentine’s Day

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The Google Search Trends data for the period between 1-10 February reveals that Kenyans were most interested in knowing where Valentine’s Day came from, making it the top trending query.

The Google report shows that Kenyans also wanted to know what Valentine’s Day means and when is Valentine’s Day.

Other interesting questions asked by Kenyans are ‘how to dress for Valentine’s Day’ and  who will be their Valentine’s Day date.

Interestingly, how Valentine’s Day started was a common search query in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. 

Nigerians were most interested in knowing which country does not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And like Kenyans, Nigerians also asked when is Valentine’s Day and who introduced Valentine’s Day.

Below are the Valentine’s Day Trends for Kenyan, Nigerian, and South African in the period between 1-10 February.

Trending questions on Valentine’s Day, Kenya

  1. Where did Valentine’s Day come from?
  2. What does Valentine’s Day mean?
  3. How did valentine start?
  4. When is Valentine Day?
  5. How to dress for Valentine’s Day
  6. Who is Valentine?
  7. What is the meaning of Valentine?
  8. Which day is Valentine’s day 2021?
  9. What does Valentine mean?
  10. Will you be my valentine?

Trending questions on Valentine’s Day, Nigeria

  1.  Which country does not celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  2. Is Valentine’s Day worldwide?
  3. When is Valentine’s Day?
  4. Who introduced Valentine’s Day?
  5. How to use cardboard to make Valentine card
  6. What brought about Valentine’s Day
  7. How long have people been handing out valentines out for?
  8. What should I buy for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?
  9. About how many Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged in the U.S. every year?
  10. When was the first Valentine’s Day?

Trending questions on Valentine’s Day, South Africa

  1. How Valentine’s Day started
  2. Who came up with Valentine’s Day?
  3. How many days left till Valentine’s Day?
  4. Who is Valentine’s Day for?
  5. What Valentine’s Day means
  6. Will you be my valentine meaning
  7. What to give your boyfriend for Valentines Day?
  8. What restaurants are having Valentine’s day specials
  9. What is the best gift for husband on Valentine’s Day?
  10. Where to go on Valentine’s day

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