• If a person walks out on you during pregnancy or infancy never let them back in your life
  • Partners who leave at a time of need cannot be relied on
  • There are cases of women leaving young children behind

Nairobi-based counseling psychologist Benjamin Zulu has a message for parents dealing with partners who either dumped them while pregnant or men who were left with young children to take care of.

In a snippet shared on his TikTok page the renowned psychologist lays down facts on what to do if you are in such a situation

In the Video Zulu acknowledges that there are cases where men leave immediately the woman announces she is pregnant and later creep in wanting to build a relation with their children.

The renowned counseling psychologist advises women who find themselves in such situation to lock them out for their own well being and that of the child,

‘’If a person walks out of you during pregnancy or infancy never let them back in your life or the life of your child let them go to court lets go fight there ‘’ says Zulu

He further says that if your partner leaves you at a critical hour of need, they depict inconsistency and allowing them back to your child’s life is welcoming the same influence to your child

‘’If you allow such a man or woman back in your life you are introducing the character of inconsistency and anxiety into your child’s life ‘’

Additionally, he says partners or parents who leave not knowing whether their children will survive are not to be counted on,

‘’If you left the child for the dead, not knowing if the child will survive it means you cannot be counted on ‘’

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