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When The Bedroom Is A Stone’s Throw away (VIDEO)

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By Majimaji

ODM Candidate for the Kibra by election Bernard Otieno Okoth Imran was declared the winner of the Kibra by election after a pricey contest that saw 24 contestants vie for the seat.

The unlikely candidate Imran emerged the winner with 24,636 votes beating his Jubilee opponent McDonald Mariga who garnered 11,230 votes.

It should be remembered that when paraded at Kamkunji grounds, he was shouted down with echoes of burning his brother’s body against people and cultural wishes.

He was nearly stoned but went on to clinch the ODM ticket, becoming the handshake’s first baby MP.

But what caught people’s attention was Khalawale ‘stone’ fighting skills. With no bodyguards and a gun, the bull fighter had to defend himself with what many termed as fighting fire with fire.

Earlier he had missed a huge stone by a whisker. Some people think his act was heroic and portrayed a courageous man while a section suggest that he has reduced himself to the lowest political level and personality.

Other occasions of stone violence were witnessed on voter bribery suspects in the early hours of the day.

This saw some legislators like Jaguar chased with stones and Didimas Baraza roughed up after an exchange of words with Arati at the Mashimoni polling station. Babu Owino who was doing rounds in different polling stations was also chased by opponents.

The bedroom is secured, the bullfighter is left with nothing but a couple of stones in his hands to throw at the occupants of the bedroom. In 100 days Imran has promised to finish school projects started by his brother, buy school buses, increase educational scholarships and also attend to the water problem in Kibra.

check out the video;


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