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  • Tyga amazed by the Kenyan matatu bearing his portrait
  • Graphitti culture is deeply rooted in the Kenyan matatu industry

US rapper Michael Ray Stevenson popularly known as Tyga got blown away by a Kenyan matatu bearing his portrait.

Taking to his social media platform Instagram,a bewildered Tyga wondered what was going on as he seemed unaware of how his image got plastered on a vehicle in an undisclosed location.

“Where tf is this? & Wat they on🤔” He posted

Come To Kenya

Tyga’s commentary section soon started filling up as hundreds of Kenyans schooled him that indeed that was Kenya.

Many went ahead trudging him on to visit the east African nation.

We sampled a few of the comments below.

“You Trippin bro…We at Kenya” fired one fan

“Come to Kenya😂” shot a second fan

“Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪” flew another comment

“Tunaeza kuuzia ukitaka😂” appeared another comment

Tyga is known for songs like Taste, Juicy,Rack City,Girls Have Fun and Bored In The House among others.

He has worked with notable record labels such as Young Money Entertainment,Cash Money Records and Republic Records.

A few weeks ago,Tyga 33 called off his relationship with singer Avril Lavigne 38 but the pair were recently spotted together Las Vegas.  

Avril has also featured on Tyga’s latest TikTok sending signals of their reunion.

Relationship Between Graphitti And Matatu Industry

Graphitti and the Kenyan matatu industry are like conjoined twins.

There’s no Kenyan route plied by matatu’s commonly known as Mathrees, Matwana or Nganya that lacks the souped up public service vehicles.

In the past, there have been efforts to curb the culture but they were meted with opposition, a good example is during the Michuki era which brought a raft of changes in the matatu industry like fitting of speed governor’s, safety belts and doing away with graphitti’s, the latter failed to take effect.

Recently, Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja gave a nod for Matatu’s to have graphitti’s as a way of promoting art and creating job opportunities.

If Tyga was to relocate to Kenya, which estate should he reside in?Drop a comment.

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