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Whitney Houston To Be Remembered Through A Documentary

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Over five years since her demise, pop icon Whitney Houston’s is to be broadcasted in a new documentary seeking to shed light on what Houston was like as a person.
The film Whitney: Can I Be Me,airs on August 26 on Showtime.
Her fans say that the film will be a painful watch as it provides an unflinching look at the dark side of fame.
The documentary’s trailer begins with a voice over: “There will always only be one Whitney Houston and all you can say is ‘drug addict’? Come on. Please.”
Whitney: Can I Be Me, initially premiered to stellar reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, including behind-the-scenes clips, performance footage, and interview excerpts.
Those close to her say in the film that the overarching theme is that fame overwhelmed Houston and ultimately proved to be her downfall.
Comments include: “Her favorite saying was ‘Can I be me?’,” “Her rise to fame just took the wind out of her,” “She never had this belief that she was this amazing person,” and “The longer she stayed in show business, the harder it was to get out.”

he doc promises to shed light on the late icon’s extraordinary career, as well as her struggles with fame, addiction and image as a pop star in the public eye.
The film arrives in theaters across the U.K. this Friday as the rest of the world waits for August 26th

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