Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has opened up on her current relationship.

• The award-winning actress has revealed that she is dating a well-known Kenyan politician.

• She however did not reveal the identity of her new man.

Award-winning Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has spilled the beans on her Kenyan politician boyfriend. She recently made this revelation during an interview on a local radio station, where she said that she had already moved on from her breakup with Bongo star Harmonize and that she is currently seeing someone.

Kajala revealed that her current lover is a well-known Kenyan politician.

“Yes am over it…Niko na mtu anatoka Kenya. ” Kajala said.

However, the beauty was hesitant to give much information about her current partner, only disclosing that he was a well-known person among the politicians in Kenya.

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Kajala’s revelation about her lover being a well-known person in the political scene in Kenya has left many people guessing who he could be. However, she made it clear that she would not be revealing his identity anytime soon.

“Ni mtu anajulikana…Yupo kwenye politicians siwezi mtaja.” she said.

The actress seemed happy and content, and she assured the host that she was serious about her disclosure.

“Kwa nini nitanie sasa, hamnitaki? mnanirudisha Tanzania. she questioned.

Kajala revealed that she was in Kenya for a charity event and dinner, and she planned to connect with her fans in the country.

She also mentioned that she had planned for a meet and greet with some of her fans. The actress encouraged her fans to stay up to date with her work, as she would be releasing something for them next month.

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