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Who Is The Mom? Twins Confuse The World With Selfie

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mom-twin-and-me-selfieA selfie of a mom and her twin daughters has caused a stir online, as many who see the photo are shocked to hear the three are not, in fact, triplets.

Tina Brown, 35, and her daughters, 16-year-old Kylie and Kaylan Mahomes, spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the selfie seen around the world.

Kaylan didn’t think much when she put it on Twitter, saying: “I was just expecting a couple of likes, like the other pictures. It was just a regular post.”

The photo quickly garnered more than 31,000 ‘likes’ and had everyone guessing who was the mother and who were the daughters.

The confusion is not out of the norm for the trio.

“One of them will call me mom and people will be like, ‘Did she just call her mom?”’ Tina— who is on the left in the photo— told IE.

All of this has people wondering about Tina’s beauty secrets. She said: “I drink a lot of water and try to eat healthy.”

Thanks to their sudden social media fame, Kaylan started an Instagram account, @momtwinandme. After being active for less than a week, they already had more than 41,000 followers.


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