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Who is this mad person who is going to dissolve parliament at this point in time? – Mbadi


Members of Parliament today engaged in a hot debate on whether President Uhuru Kenyatta should dissolve or not.

The debate saw female MPs differ with their male counterparts who insisted that the advisory was ill advised.

Suba North MP John Mbadi says that parliament was going nowhere saying that the only way to resolve the issue was through a referendum.

“The reason why this thing has been failing is because of the attitude of some of our female colleagues, because if you talk matter gender, they are shouting. We have not been having full house of female MPs Mr. Speaker. Let truth be told they are the ones who are failing us,” said Mbadi.

“Who is this mad person who is going to dissolve parliament in this point in time Mr Speaker, it is not going to be dissolved. And by the way Mr, Speaker the only route to solve this issue is BBI, that is the only route,” said Mbadi

Ndaragua MP Jeremiah Kioni questioned the intentions of the CJ on the advisory saying that it was a way of punishing the MPs.

“We are only lucky that we have a president who will sit and look at the good of this country, if this kind of an opinion was in the hands of another lazy person, you will hold parliament at ransom,” said Kioni.

Meanwhile The Parliamentary Service Commission has stated that it will move to court to challenge Chief Justice David Maraga’s advice to President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament.