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Who Said Lupita Can’t Cook Ugali? (Pics)


lupThere is nothing as embarrassing and as haunting as getting attacked and savagely trolled at by Kenyans on social media platforms. Ask Ken Wa Mwangi and he will tell you how Kenyans pinned him down for glorifying sex with minors. I hear the lad even lost his job at Kenya Airports Authority.

Creme Dela Creme can also explain better as well as Oscar’s Award Winning Kenyan-Hollywood based actress,one Lupita Nyong’o.

The 30-something year old film sensation has been around the country in the recent past courtesy of the Vogue magazine where she visited her rural home.

If your memory is still fresh, you’d recall sometime back when Lupita confessed on National television whilst getting interviewed by Larry Madowo that she didn’t know how to cook her African staple food-Ugali;

LARRY: Do you miss living here? Is there anything you miss about Kenya?

LUPITA: I miss ugali a lot, because I also don’t know how to cook Ugali.

LARRY: What do you mean you don’t know how to cook Ugali?

LUPITA: Yaa I don’t know how to cook Ugali.

LARRY: That’s terrible.

LUPITA: I know it’s really, really bad. I have a mwiko (wooden spoon) but I don’t know how to cook Ugali.”

As expected, Kenyans went awash over this and this motivated the “Queen of Katwe” actress to learn how to cook it and show those who attacked that she is now equipped.

Vogue allows us to visit her rural home in Kisumu through a just released video where Lupita is spotted walking to the farm with her dad before she goes woow on guavas. (She even climbs a tree,haiyar).

She then joins the mum, Dorothy Nyong’o where she gets her golden training on how to mix maize flour with water to get Ugali;

“Pour it in not so fast, not so slow,” Dorothy instructs her as she carefully adds the flour . “This is like an abdominal workout, no joke,” Lupita yells.

They then serve it with Sukuma Wiki.

Watch the video below;