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Why Akothee’s First Born Daughter threatened to Kill herself


Akothee’s first born Vesha Sheilan Okello has revealed that there was a time she threatened to kill herself just so that her mother could act fast.

Speaking on an Interview with Massawe Jappani , Vesha narrated how she was left in the care of her paternal grandmother when their parents divorced.

She revealed that she was only four years old when their parents split and was forced into the care of her grand mother.

During her stay at her grandmother’s place, the lass saying she was taking so many house chores that took a toll on her.

She revealed that she hated cleaning the house because of an uncle who had a habit of stepping in the house with dirty shoes after she had cleaned forcing her to start all over again.

“I hated mopping the house because I would clean the house then an uncle of mine would come with dirty shoes and step all over the place and I was forced to start over again.” she said

When the pressure got to her, she used a public phone to call her mother and threatened to take her own life if she didn’t go for her and the siblings.

“After threatening to kill myself she did not even come for us but she later sent my aunt Cebbie to pick us up and we joined her in Nairobi.” she added

The lass also added that she is proud of her mother mainly because she has raised them as a hardworking lot.

She further teased that any man who will marry either her or her sisters will be very lucky because they have had a good and disciplined upbringing.

“Any man who will marry any of Akothee’s daughters will land a good wife because she has brought us up very well.” she concluded