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Why Alikiba Is “Wanted” By Kenyan Police


aliNews reaching our desks have it that popular Bongo star and the “Kipenzi Cha Watu” Alikiba is wanted by the Kenyan police for fleecing a local artiste off his money.

Brown Mauzo, a coast based artiste claims that the “Aje” hitmaker has conned him an lump sum amount roughly ticking at around  Kshs. 1.53 million.

Alikiba’s fresh new scandal began when his (Alikiba’s) witness was arrested since he wasvthe one who connected Mauzo and Ali Kiba for a collabo before witnessing Mauzo paying Ali Kiba.

Brown asked the witness Rajabu Salum popular as “Mchafu” to coax Ali Kiba to feature in his (Mauzo) new song. Upon agreement, Ali Kiba demanded a crazy amount of money and that the song be worked on by his own producer- something that Mauzo gave into.

Speaking to Risasi, the source of this developing story, Mchafu actually confirmed he witnessed AliKiba receiving the money as the paper read below;


Mauzo and his team agreed to pay Kiba. When they came to Dar es Salaam, we met at Mlimani City,” said Mchafu.“I was Kiba’s witness and Mauzo had his legal team that comprised two lawyers. After a short negotiation, they decided to go to the bank to withdraw KSh465, 000.

“However, before doing the transaction, they deliberated and urged me to persuade Ali Kiba to lower his threshold charge.  Initially, Ali Kiba wanted a deposit of KSh1.49 million, inclusive of video shoot expenses, accommodation and meals.”Mark you, by the time they recorded the first song at Kiba’s producer, Brown had allegedly  paid Kiba almost 50% of the money.

Things turned south after the final piece came out, Brown wasn’t satisfied with Kiba’s producer and insisted on a second record, this time switching producers and incurring an extra cost.

However , Alikiba failed to show up for the second recording and it is then that he started avoiding Mauzo and his people. His phones allegedly went unanswered, at times he’d say he is not in the country, at times he’d say he has a lot of shows to do and that he didn’t have time for the second audio recording when – in Mauzo’s claims- he had already pocketed the Money.

A Tanzanian paper by the name “Risasi” claims or rather reports that Brown Mauzo and other unnamed Kenyan artistes want Kiba arrested immediately.

Mchafu  further went to claim how Mauzo and his team  completed the full payment following Kiba’s fresh demands of having the video done by South African director.

“The following day we met at Producer Aby’s studio where Kiba, Mauzo and his team recorded audio of their new song. Mauzo and team thereafter flew back to Kenya. After a few days, Mauzo and team wanted a copy of their song.

“When it was sent to them, they were not impressed by the recording, saying it did not meet their expectations and standards,” claims Mchafu.“When we investigated, we found out that producer Aby was paid KSh7000 and not KSh46, 000 as Ali Kiba had claimed. When Aby realised Kiba had duped him, he became demoralised and failed to give his best,” narrated Mchafu.

  The story is a developing case and we are yet to hear from Alikiba’s side of story, hence we shall treat it as a rumor.

All, said…do you think local artistes should pay such crazy amounts of money to get foreign superstars feature in their songs ?