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Why and How KTN stopped CITIZEN From Interviewing Diamond Platnumz.(Evidence)


diamondThe weekend was lit. Lit I’d say for most of us since the month is wrapping up and guys have been paid you know.

However, our “Vaite” brothers will tell you that your definition of a ‘lit weekend’ is a big joke compared to the Mega concert Tanzanian ‘Michael Jackson’ one Diamond Platnumz held down in Meru last Saturday night.

By last Friday, 6pm many ardent fans of the “Kidogo” hit maker were scared that their advance tickets would go to vanity after media war ensued between giant Media houses KTN and Citizen.

Suspense hit media waves when the latter (Citizen) tweeted that they will be interviewing Diamond Platnumz on their Friday 10 over 10 episode. Upon hearing this KTN immediately sought legal actions to stop Citizen from hosting the star. KTN argued that , Citizen’s involvement in Diamond’s current activities would be a direct breach of media sponsorship between Diamond and them (KTN) since they had incurred “a considerable expense in marketing and availing publicity for the concert ( Radio Maisha Na Diamond) contemplated under its agreement ” as a section of an alleged leaked letter by KTN’s advocate to Citizen partly read.

It further went on to state that ;

It has been brought to our client’s attention that the artiste Diamond Platinumz, who constitutes the object in the media sponsorship agreement with our client, is scheduled to appear on Citizen Television from 10pm on 26,08,2016.

This appearance shall be in direct breach of the Media sponsorship agreement to which you are bound

Our client has incurred considerable expense in marketing and availing publicity for the concert contemplated under its agreement.

We have instructions to take appropriate legal action against you to vindicate our client’s rights under the agreement without any further notice or reference to you.”

Citizen was forced to swallow a bitter pill and cancel the much anticipated interview with Baba Tiffah at the very last minute.

Do you think KTN did the right thing or was it just cheap malice?

Below is the alleged official letter from KTN to Citizen;dia