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Why cigarette prices could rise further

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Anti tobacco activists are proposing an increment in tobacco products taxation from the current 2500 shillings to 31000 shillings per each stack of 1000 cigarette sticks.

If implemented a sachet of cigarette that contains non-filters will go up to 124 shillings from the current 100 shillings.

Institute of Legislative Affairs however wants the government to compel Tobbacco companies to eaqualise the prices of cigarettes with non filters and those with filters.

ILA CEO Emma Wanyonyi says the cigarettes with non filters were introduced by tobacco companies to avoid higher taxation

In Kenya nominal prices of cigarettes have remained constant despite the global shrinking of tobacco prices contributing to affordability of cigarettes.

She also said that tax and price measure will encourage quitting of tobacco use and generate revenue  for the government.



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