In summary

  • Mismanagement by Crazy Kennar’s brother
  • His hotel business closed down
  • To salvage the situation, he needs to fire his brother

Following the recent revelation that online comedian and content creator Kennedy Odhiambo popularly known as Crazy Kennar has split with his partners, singer and critic Sabato has laid blame on the former’s brother for his woes.

An outspoken Sabato maintained that Kennar’s brother who acts as his manager was the sole reason his empire was crashing.

“Ni ndugu ya Crazy Kennar for the first time unajua kila saa watu wakikosana tunasema ooh ni huyu mwanamke, girlfriend,ndugu ya Crazy Kennar ndio manager wa Crazy Kennar” stated Sabato

Hotel Business Closed Down

According to Sabato, Crazy Kennar’s brother is high handed and lacks the charisma of working with other people.

Kennar’s brother further failed in working with the hotel’s suppliers leading to it’s eventual death even before Kennar acquired his fuel guzzler.

“Hoteli ya Crazy Kennar kufungwa haikusababishwa na ati fans unajua saa ingine hoteli inaeza fungwa unasema fans nini sometimes,hoteli ilifungwa before ata Kennar anunue Prado,brathake ni mtu akona kiburi,hajui kudeal na suppliers,kuwork na workers wa hoteli so he’s the reason number one”Explained Sabato

Sabato further added that it’s a daunting task in working with a relative because the moment he’s fired he will malign his name with the immediate family.

In addition,Sabato stated that Kennar parting ways with his cast was suicidal and the beginning of his downfall because his rise was orchestrated by his team’s support.

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Fire His Brother

Sabato maintained that for Crazy Kennar to pick himself up he needs to fire his brother from the management position and hire someone he’s not related to.

“For crazy kennar to move forward bro,he has to fire his brother…get a manager that you’re not related with yule hatakumanage na feelings” He summed up partly

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By Steve Osaka.

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