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Why Crime In Korogocho Area Has Drastically Gone Down

Crime rate in Korogocho slums, Ruaraka County has reduced due to youth employment and involvement of the youths in community projects.

The area which was previously known for breeding criminals has now a change of name since less cases of criminal activities are reported from the area.

Bernard Omondi a resident of Korogocho for more than 10 years says that youths started projects to keep them busy to avoid engaging in crime.

Apparently some hardcore criminals have also been arrested and others killed by the police.

Omondi says that people are free to walk in the area at any time compared to earlier where people were supposed to be home at a given time.

“I have stayed in Korogocho for more than 10 years and I can say that the security now is better than before because people used to be killed in broad daylight. Everybody would be in the house by 8pm,” says Omondi.

“Right now we are free to walk at any time as long as they are heading somewhere and close our business at any time even in the hot spot areas like Grogon,”he said.

Bernard says that the criminal activities created a bad reputation for them making them lose opportunities.


“It used to be a problem to us because we lost a lot of opportunities due to the bad name we had as an area. We as the youths of the area started a lot of projects to keep us busy. Projects like car wash and garbage collection. These projects helped us because the youths could not allow others to steal and tarnish their name. There are also a lot of organizations in the area which have been helping the youths by creating employment,” Omondi told Ghetto Radio news.

Judith Wanga however warned that if the rate of unemployment continues to grow, criminal activities might return in the area.

 “I cannot say that the security in Korogocho is good but atleast it is not like it used to be. A lot of people who used to steal have been murdered while others have reformed from their criminal activities. The cases have reduced but they will start to increase because of lack of jobs for the youths,” Wanga said.

By: Emmaline Owuor.