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Why Eric Omondi dropped bid to remove Ezekiel Mutua from office

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Self-proclaimed president of comedy Eric Omondi has stated that he has dropped his bid to to remove Kenya Films Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua from office after his mother’s intervention.

During an interview Omondi stated that he has decided to forgive Ezekiel Mutua after his mother asked him to lose his anger and focus on comedy.

“Nitaomba Ezekiel Mutua asiwahi rudia kumdhalilisha, kumkemea, kumtukana mama kumuongelelea msani yeyote wa Kenya vibaya na mimi nakuambia personally on a serious note this is Ezekiel’s last warning. Mimi nilimpa 24hrs nikapigiwa mpaka na mama yangu akaniambia kijana wacha hasira chekesha watu,” said Eric Omondi.

The comedian however fired a warning at Dr. Mutua saying that if he does not stop talking other artists he will mobilise other artists and take action against him.

He has requested Mutua to support and encourage other artists as opposed to talking ill of them and discouraging them.

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“Mimi nasema Ezekiel Mutua stop it. Encourage, support and build artists. Akifungua mdomo ama akuje kumdhalilisha msanii mwingine tutajua akona ubaya na sisi na sisi tutakuwa na ubaya nayeye,” he added.

The comedian also pleaded with the government to look at the data increase because it affects the online entertainment industry.

“Mimi ningependa kuomba serekali on behalf of the entertainment industry ya kwamba sasa entertainment inapatikana kwenye simu, Instagram, YouTube na vijana wengi wanapata mapato kwenye hii kazi wanafanya. Ningependa kuomba serekali if they can consider reducing the data price, it would benefit the entertainment industry,” says Eric.

Eric Omondi had threatened to remove Dr Ezekiel Mutua from the office after over his sentiments that implied that creatives do not have money.

WATCH; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CSEdtp3Hb8

Story By Emmaline Owuor