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Why fans believe Ringtone’s drama with Robert Alai was stage managed

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Self-proclaimed president of gospel music Ringtone has left his fans wondering whether the drama between him and famous blogger Robert Alai was a fake.

This is after the musician shared a video of him updating his fans about the incident with the bandage on the left hand rather than the right.

His fans including Kiss 100 radio presenter Jalango went to his comment section and asked whether he was hit on different hands.

“Baba…. mbona umecover side haikupigwa?ama mambobya rungu niwachie Alai?” wrote Jalango.

“Si ulikua umeumia side ya right bro? Mbona bandage iko side ya left ???,” wrote hopekidhk.

However the musician shared another video and said that he had pressed invasion while editing the video.

“Right video sorry previous one i press inversion by mistake while editing ???,” he wrote.

The gospel musician said that Robert Alai was released on cash bail and will appear in court on Tuesday.

He added that the Kenyan system is straight forward and no one can help the blogger escape what he did to him

The self-proclaimed president requested his fans to continue praying for him.

“Nataka kuongelesha mafans wangu sahi, I just want to tell my fans that I am doing ok and my fans have been calling wondering why Robert Alai amewachiliwa nataka kuwaambia wasijali Robert Alai will be taking a plea on Tuesday hakuna kitu anaweza fanya, the violence alifanya kwangu hakuna mtu anaweza mtetea sheria ya Kenya ni straight forward. So mafans wangu msijali amepewa cash bail and will be appearing to court on Tuesday. Muendelee kuniombea and God bless,” he said.

The gospel musician and the blogger were involved in a road drama on Friday where Robert Alai hit the musician with a ‘rungu’.

The incident led to the blogger being arrested and detained at the Kilimani police station.


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