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Why Former Grave Robber Was Unable To Steal Coffins Of Luos and Kisiis

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Former Grave Robber John Kibera At Ghetto radio studios

John Kibera a former juvenile convict has condemned the jailing of children aruing that it is a precipitate of crime among the jailed children.

John Kibera a former grave robber who was sent in juvenile jail at the age of 13 for stealing 150 shillings says the jailing is what triggered his criminal activities of grave robbery.

He says during his time at the correctional facility, that is when he came up with the idea of stealing coffins.

Kibera narrated to Ghetto Radio News how he had recruited seven of his friends into the business including his wife who all ended up dead but him.

The former grave robber turned preacher shocked listeners when he revealed how robbing coffins of Luos and Kisiis was hard, alluding to their charm.

“I remember one time hijacking a vehicle that was transporting the body of a dead person to Nyanza. Before, i hijacked it, the vehicle was just fine, but the moment after i hijacked it, i tried steering the vehicle, but it could not move,” he narrated.

He managed to escape death narrowly at an incident where all his three collegues who were with him were killed.

He decided to change his life and become a pastor after he escaped death.

John is now preaching and changing the lives of many youths who are following the same path.



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