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Why Ghanaian Police Are The Craziest World Wide. (Pics)

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GH6The police work around the clock is to protect citizens and enforce law and order in the country. From directing traffic to arresting criminals and other offenders, Ghana Police takes their duties seriously.

However, has compiled some fun photos of what makes their men in uniform very unique from their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

1. They sleep on duty.

Policing can not be all about work! Sometimes, taking a short nap is all it takes to get the police alert and ready. Though it is not allowed to sleep on duty, when nobody is looking (or at least when they think nobody is looking) nature sets in and they doze off. But be warned, they may be sleeping but that does not mean they are not watching!

2. They sometimes need a little motivation.

Is there a case you may want them to tackle for you, or better still an expired license you have not had time to renew? Knowing the best way to ‘shake hands’ with Ghana police can be your surest bet to freedom and security!

3. All work and no play makes an officer a dull police .

Be it taking the dance floor or drinking their hearts out at a bar, we have come to find out that having fun on the job is not an offense after all.

4. Ghana Police take their duties seriously.

Ghana police take law enforcement seriously and they will even jump on your car if they have to – just to prevent you from running away from the law.

5. They have their way around challenges

The Ghana Police service is not the most well resourced in the world. But officers have their way around challenges often showing apt ingenuity. From using police pick-ups as makeshift ambulance to pushing broken down police vehicles, Ghana Police is ever ready to go round the challenge to fulfill their duties.

6. They can be bullies sometimes

No need for handcuffs and long court proceedings, sometimes Ghana Police take matters into their own hand and bully offenders when caught. Surely, kneeling down on the streets is better than spending time in the dreaded ‘counter back’.

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