• Mash is a sales distributor who loves Ghetto Radio. He listens across the day while moving around in his car.
  • This is his favorite station, and he took his time to list which each presenter and element works for him.
  • He appreciated the entertainment and educative nature of the programming and its transformative leadership.

Naitwa Mash, Niko Ruai. I am salesman doing distribution. I listen to Ghetto Radio when I am moving around in the car. I visit mitaa Mingi, kawangware, Mwiki, Malaa, Karen, Kamulu, Githurai, Kahawa west, Rongai, Kitengela, Kibera…

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Weekend Shows

Napenda all of your radio shows starting with Wangeshi’s #saremdreeh, thank you Boss man kwa kumrudisha kwa hiyo show, in fact add one more hour to her show, it only comes just once a week anyways…

Then there is Liberator! The social justice show educates the youths on politics and helps untangle them from the lies told by politicians. Yaani you gave this champion a platform to speak the truth, something that all other media houses cannot afford to do…

Na sija sahau offside, Curtis na Polosa big up. Sports ya mtaa hapo ni dictionary. Situpwi na mafala. Nyiny hutuweka rada proper.

The Gospel team that checks in on sat evenings! Those guys are so smooth but more than that I feel that they are focused on the message and try their best to live by the water that they preach. I am not very religious, but this is the only gospel show I listen to. Thanks 🙏🏼🙏🏼.

Weekdays Nayo…

Shi Deh! Wozza wozza! This lady is so natural on Radio, an absolute gem, I love the way she loves reggae yake iko Kwa damu. She is a bubble of energy; she makes me laugh at the middle of the daytime kazi imeshika.

DJ Double Trouble na Kevo Devoke! Two guys with serious DJing skills and million dollar voices, the pace at which they drive the shows they happen to be in is always enjoyable.

A Bonoko Deh ya!! 🙌.. Sometimes he annoys me but most times he is a breath of fresh air opinion wise na kujazz mamresh. He is also representing a demographic that most people overlook. His charity works are truly commendable, and it demonstrates the commitment of Ghetto Radio to social justice. A station that walks the talk. Bonoko is an asset and I enjoy his drive show.

BossMan na King Kafu😎.. right off the butt, King Kafu ni fyatuka.. huyu msee ni red pilled mbaya, ameoa kweli huyu?? .. huyu ndio Kibe na Amerix combined.. I enjoy his controversy a lot. Atafute dame mwenye hureason kama Wangeshi (lakini sio Wangeshi please) but itabidi akuwe mpole kiasi. Dj Katta off the hook, kwanza Friday zangu huisha poa hapo asubuhi. Big up kabisa.

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BossMan! Calm collected and a true leader. How he runs this show is a signature of his character as a man. Such a great team is a clear reflection of his abilities, skills and empathy. And thank you for having such a big heart man. THANKS FOR CHAMPIONING TIVET COURSES Mkuu! Indeed, this is one area of education that has been overlooked for long.  Enof said!

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Last but definitely not least! DJ CHARAAA!! Man this guy is reggae MAGICIAN! Shika crown 👑 RASTA! BossMan could you find an hour or two during the day for a special reggae show where he can play those unknown, underrated and unheard but deadly serious reggae hits? Fix a show for this King please during the day. I often miss his shows because I have to bond with family in the evenings. But the few times I am able to catch Jamrock Dobah I just stay in the car mpaka iishe.

Wema Toiwa! Where are those audio clips za interview za mtaani? I really used to enjoy them. And join the morning show so that you can neutralise King Kafu with that bubbly laughter.. News uko poa pia.

You guys are my favorite Radio Station.

Written by:

Ghetto Radio Managing Director, a Leadership Scholar, Social enthusiast, humanity is a core pillar. Musician and music lover. I am Unbwogable!

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  • Cyrus Misati Maoga


    Napenda gettho radio.1st ni political stand, Hakuna kuegemea mrengo moja, we chant down wicked ways either from opposition or Government, vipindi pia ni interactive, Entertainment Iko dope alafu hapo Kwa sheng News ….alafu hizo recorded voice note za mashabiki.

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